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Dear Business Builder, 


I'm Adam, Founder and Head of Search Marketing at Market Kits.

Let's cut to the chase - you're looking for information on what we can do to grow your business revenue. You're not here because of our certifications, experience and technical knowledge.

That said here's what you need to know about us, we built this company from the ground up in the middle of Nebraska in a town of just under 1000 people! Digital Marketing was our lifeline to the world and how its how we grew! 

If you're looking for a team that can take your business from its roots into the 7-figure range with digital marketing in Search Engine Marketing, Google ads and Facebook ads you've come to the right place.

We help business owners grow their revenues by helping them serve and lead their audience online whether it's a local service business or a national e-commerce online store.

When you partner with us you are plugging into a team of digital strategists, marketers, designers and developers focused on your brand across every major marketing channel. Individually this kind of expertise would literally run your over $300,000 per year in overhead (average salary of $60K x 5 team members).

Instead, you can have our team manage all of this for you for a fraction of the price, for a fixed monthly fee with no long term contracts.

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Our Clients Are Growing Even In The Middle of A Global Pandemic Because Everything Is Online!

When it comes to business, your growth is our growth.

Our ROI driven digital marketing approach is proof in itself we're relentless at securing profits and market share for your business.


WARNING - If You're Looking For A 'Silver Bullet'  Or 'Get Rich Quick' Genie - Please Leave.

If you're looking for that Get Rich Quick solution... we're simply not interested in working with you for many reasons.

Also if you're product or service is sub-par and you're constantly getting bad reviews from your customers we can't help you. First, fix your offering, provide real value to your customer and then we can scale up your marketing.

Making a business profitable takes a lot of hard work. Only once you've got real value to serve your audience with can we even consider promoting your business.

We guarantee we will work as hard on your business as you do 



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